Activity 1

TLA5-1: Reading prior class

Assigning a reading before a class session may reduce the high dependency on the lecture. By reading, students have the chance to reflect which, in turn,  may enable them to reach a higher level of cognitive processing [7]. To take advantage of a reading, it is necessary to make students aware of: why the reading is important, how it relates to classroom activities and what information they should look for (Meyers & Jones, 1993 as referred in [7]). This implies that teachers/instructors must provide students with guiding questions upfront in order to facilitate the remembering and understanding of the FSM concepts and application. Examples of guiding questions for the reading could be:

  • What can be measured with functional size measurement methods?
  • From what kind of software artifacts can the FURs be obtained to measure the functional size of the software?

An example of a short reading that includes answers for the guiding questions is The introduction of the COSMIC Method from the document: COSMIC Method v3.0.1 Measurement Manual pg. 10-14 [8].