Activity 2

AT5-2: Final Exam

The questions in the final exam have to assess the understanding of the concepts learned in class. Consequently, the questions may be: an open question about concepts of measurement; and/or one exercise for obtaining the functional size of a piece of software.

AT5-2-1: Final Exam - Open question

Since the ILO5-1 aims to assess understanding in students, open rather than closed questions are preferable for determining the depth of the student's understanding [9]. An example of an open questions is:

Explain why and how the COSMIC method is used in the software development process.

Guidelines on how to evaluate the levels of understanding of the students based on their responses are explained in the SOLO taxonomy [9, 12]. 

For the above mentioned question, an example of a rubric (see the Section RUBRICS ) based on the SOLO taxonomy is proposed, along with the analysis of levels of understanding of four hypothetical answers provided by students.

AT5-2-2: Final Exam - Exercise to measure the functional size of a piece of software

Solving an exercise during the final exam allows teachers to assess individual performance in students when measuring a piece of software (understand and apply).

Regarding the measurement exercise, this may contain a small functionality. It does not have to be identical or somehow similar to previous examples presented in class. The exercise should be something simple while at the same time challenging, so that students are expected to think out a solution for the problem. If identical or similar exercises are used, the students will recall information instead of apply what they have learned in a new situation. The exercise - and assignments in general- should not be too difficult with unrealistic expectations. An example of a rubric to grade the exercise is available in the RUBRICS section)