Activity 1

AT5-1: Assessing reading comprehension

The task AT5-1 is designed to assess how well students remember and understand the concepts of FSM (ILO5-1) after the assigned reading (TLA5-1).  In this respect, a short essay (1 to 3 minutes) with one of the following questions could be used:

  • Explain in your own words what functional size measurement is and how it works.
  • Summarize the main ideas of the reading.

With both questions, students are pushed to recall (remember) and summarize (understand) what they read.  However, the teacher has to reinforce and complement, in class, the main points of the reading.

It is important to emphasize that students should know in advance that the understanding of the reading will be assessed. Teachers should keep in mind that is preferable to assign only key readings. Overloading students neither let them focus on key issues nor reflect on the topics that they are expected to learn.