About the framework

How can you use the framework?

The framework can be used as a part of a software engineering course, or any other courses for beginners in which topics related to software measurement are covered.

The Pre-requisites

To use this framework, previous knowledge of software measurement is not necessary. However, the students are expected to have basic knowledge of requirement specifications and associated diagrams (e.g. in working with use casesclass and sequence diagrams).

Objective of the course/seminar for beginners

An example of a short course/seminar is presented in this website. This course/seminar aims to familiarize the audience (undergraduate students or beginners) with basic terminology, concepts and methods commonly used in the software measurement domain. At the course completion, the students will be aware of the importance of measuring the software (product and processes). Also, they will be able to apply basic software measurement knowledge and a technique to measure (functional size, time and effort) a small-well-documented set of simple functional requirements.